• Twitch

    Paul And Andrew Watch All Of Halloween

    They’re at it again! Paul and Andrew have a second season of horror commentaries coming up and this time they’re going through all of the Halloween movies. It’s spooky! It’s scary! It might slightly educational. [...]
  • Film Roar

    Film Roar 41 – Army of The Dead (2021)

    We’re off to try and win big in a zombie-filled Las Vegas for this episode of Film Roar. Iain Boulton and Christian R. Allan review Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. A big horror blockbuster [...]
  • The Big Stomp

    The Big Stomp – May 2021

    Fast and Furious is racing towards box office glory, there are more reimaginings and reboots on the way, MCM Comic Con is back and there’s something about hot tubs. It’s the May 2021 edition of [...]
  • Film Roar

    Film Roar 40 – Nomadland (2021)

    Iain Boulton takes a visit to Christian R. Allan’s humble abode to discuss their thoughts on Nomadland. Does its recent award victories impact their overall expectation and enjoyment of this intimate and moving drama? Find [...]
  • Horror

    Army Of The Dead (2021) – Movie Review

    Zack Snyder returns to the world of zombies, so we let our resident living death enthusiast chew over it. Is Army of the Dead an excellent thrill ride or wasted opportunities? The Raggedyman reviews Netflix’s [...]
Cannon Busters
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Cannon Busters (2019) Anime Review

by Laura Watton in Anime 0

Robots and Gunfights and Cars, Oh My! Laura Watton takes a look at Netflix’s latest anime series, Cannon Busters. […]


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