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    Bunkazilla 2021 Audience Survey

    We’re looking to hear from our Bunkazilla community with our 2021 Audience Survey. It’s your opportunity to let us know what you think about the current content we release on Twitch, YouTube and our Podcasting [...]
  • Comics

    Growth (2021) – Comic Review

    The Raggedyman was sent a one-shot comic, and he was incredibly pleased with what he found in it. Find out his thoughts on Growth, written and drawn by Jenny Allen now on Bunkazilla UK. […]
  • Comics

    Red Shift: Issue 1 (2021) – Comic Review

    The Raggedyman has a look at the first issue of Red Shift. A science fiction, space opera and family drama series from Scout Comics. Find out his thoughts on this debut issue now on Bunkazilla [...]