• Ferocious 5

    Ferocious 5: MTV’s Jackass Movies

    All five Jackass films are available to view on Netflix UK, so get ready to wince all over again. Laura Watton shares her thoughts on the MTV film series in a brand new edition of [...]
  • Action

    Trash Or Treasure: The Gladiator (1986)

    What could possibly go wrong mixing an anti-drink-driving message, revenge, and the LA Highway? Read the Raggedyman’s review of motor thriller, The Gladiator, to find out in a brand new Trash or Treasure on Bunkazilla [...]
  • Film Roar

    Film Roar 37 – Godzilla vs Kong (2021)

    One was declared King of the Monsters, the other is the titan of Skull Island. Who will stand and fall when Godzilla vs Kong goes down? Iain Boulton and guest reviewer Shenny share their thoughts [...]
  • Podcast

    The Big Stomp – March 2021

    We take a look at the Outriders demo, look back at the legacy of Terry Pratchett and catch up with the latest ZeniMax Microsoft developments in the March 2021 episode of The Big Stomp. Watch [...]
  • Movies

    Tom & Jerry (2021) – Movie Review

    Animated legends Tom and Jerry take a second crack at making it on the big screen with 2021’s aptly titled Tom & Jerry. Now in a hybrid animated and real-world environment blend, can they finally [...]
Cannon Busters
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Cannon Busters (2019) Anime Review

by Laura Watton in Anime 0

Robots and Gunfights and Cars, Oh My! Laura Watton takes a look at Netflix’s latest anime series, Cannon Busters. […]


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