Get involved with Roll on the Adventure and try Temporal Stereotype Zoo

You've heard them create it - now play it yourself!

In episode one, first broadcast on Sunday 8th of April, we created the draft version of the game we’re going to be playing for the next couple of episodes – Temporal Stereotype Zoo.

But it would be unfair for us to keep the game to our selves, so it’s online for you all to try out! Download the game guide here!

We’ll be putting up another version at the end of episode 4, based on our experience playing it and your feedback. You can even help us pick the themes for the next arc!

If you missed out on the broadcast, you can listen below to the audio version with the playlist options below.

You can also view these parts on YouTube, Part 1 and Part 2 are now available online.

Join us on Facebook and let us know the results of your tests, your experiments with the mechanics, or just your thoughts on the game.

We’ll see you next episode! Check the Bunkazilla Schedule or sign up to the Bunkazilla Newsletter on the homepage for our next episode.

The Roll on The Adventure Team