A Ramble About….. Canon

The rambling redhead herself, Lizzie Barnes, is on hand for this editorial piece for the Bunkazilla Blog. Consider it a nice short condensed version of her show which you can only listen to on Bunkazilla. Plus if you need to catch up on any episodes, visit her show page here. Anyway, without further ado – let the ramble begin!

I love other people’s characters in Fandom. Whether it’s video games, movies, TV shows or comics I am there for your OCs

I love looking at the art of them. I love reading fics about them. It’s awesome to see how other people make a character their own. And if you want to make your own canon, that’s great too. Gods know I’ve done it enough times.

And if your canon doesn’t fit my canon, I still enjoy it as it’s a “what if”. Plus there are some amazingly talented people out there and I love, love, love the creativity.

But here’s the thing. If a character is one way in a game because that’s how the writers decided to make them, please, please, please don’t get all butthurt when they refuse to make the official canon match up with your headcanon.

You don’t like the official canon that’s ok, go play in your own head and make it fit how you want.

But don’t attack hard working people because you feel like you’ve been slighted because it doesn’t fit what you want. Especially if what you want changes the lore of the series in such a way as to break it.

That’s why we have headcanon.

Yes, they are designing the game for us to play and enjoy. But it is to be enjoyed by thousands of other people as well.

And here’s the thing. You cannot please everyone. It’s just not physically or mentally possible. And trying is a one-way ticket to crazy town.

So don’t whine and moan because they should have made it more inclusive, accessible or whatever buzzword of the day it is. Put on your big person pants and deal with it.

Otherwise, the wonderful people that make these games for us are going to get sick and tired of all the negativity and go “F**k this! I’m not doing this any more” and quit and then no more games ever!

And who the hell wants that?

Not me that’s for sure.

So enjoy your headcanon as much as you want. But don’t act like yours is the only one that matters. Mine, matters, yours matters, the official one matters. Because everyone matters in the end.

So just be lovely to each other.

Ok, Ramble over.

Let the hate and bile begin!

Lizzie Barnes