Lucifer finds salvation for Season 4 at Netflix

Saving cancelled television shows seems to be a trend over the last few weeks. Brooklyn Nine Nine was cancelled by Fox and within 24 hours had found itself a brand new home on NBC in America. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about Lucifer at the time, the supernatural crime drama also cancelled by Fox. Thankfully, Lucifer fans will be overjoyed to hear that a fourth series is on the way and it’s new home over on Netflix.

Starting in 2015, the series stars Tom Ellis as the Lord of Hell himself, Lucifer, who decides to live in Los Angeles and set up his own nightclub. When he gets involved in a LAPD investigation, he eventually ends up acting as a consultant aiding a LAPD detective, played by Lauren German. The series was also based off  upon characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg.

Following three series and 56 episodes, Fox sadly – despite a loyal fanbase – pulled the plug and cancelled it. Upon hearing of its cancellation, fans took to social media and got the hashtag #savelucifer trending. The decision had also come ahead of an appearance by Tom Ellis at the recent MCM London Comic Con this past May. Their interview with him can be viewed below.

It seems the campaign has worked as Netflix have become Lucifer’s saviours by ordering a fourth season of the show – which may makes things a little interesting for the streaming networks here in the UK as Lucifer currently streams on Amazon Prime and on FOX.  More information about the show’s rescue by Netflix can be found over at Deadline.

Seeing one saved television show during a wave of cancellations is always nice to see but two in such a short succession, well that’s devilishly good for television fans – isn’t it?

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