Critical Role cast heading to October MCM London Comic Con

Time to roll those dice, Matthew Mercer and co are heading to London

There’s big news for fans of the popular online Geek & Sundry web series Critical Role as MCM Comic Con announced that its stars will be attending their London event this October.

For those not familiar with the show, Critical Role sees Matthew Mercer lead a group of friends and fellow voice actors through D&D role-playing campaigns. Suffice to say to these campaigns are epic as the show’s first campaign ran from March 2015 to October 2017. The second campaign is currently on-going and available to view on the Geek & Sundry website right now!

This October, Matthew Mercer (Overwatch) along with Liam O’Brien (Naruto, Bleach), Sam Riegel (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ace Attorney), Marisha Ray (Far Cry 5, Final Fantasy XV), Taliesin Jaffe (Hellsing) and Brian W.Foster (host of Critical Role’s Twitch TV follow up show) are attending MCM Comic Con at London Excel from the 26th to 28th of October 2018.

Weekend and Day Tickets for the event are currently on-sale on the MCM Comic Con website. Be quick! The priority tickets are always popular.

Keep your eyes peeled to the Bunkazilla Blog for more news from the upcoming event.