Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Review

Feeling down from all these serious superhero films? The Teen Titans are here to help!


Dismayed at being frequently ignored for the superhero movie treatment, Robin and his fellow Teen Titans (Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy) decide to go out and make their movie a reality. However, first they’ll need an archnemsis to help their cause. They might find one in the form of masked villian Slade and his world domination mind manipulation scheme. But what’s more important? Making a movie or saving the world?


Teen Titans has had an interesting history in the canon of DC animation. I’ve been accustomed to the original TV show style back in 2003. Similar to shows around it like Justice League at the time, Teen Titans was another stellar entry in the DC animation lineage. Fast forward seven years after the 2003 show’s final episode, the Titans returned in 2013 in a revamped style and image with Teen Titans GO! The serious tones gone and replaced with heroic antics meshed slapstick OTT humour – suffice to say, it has an aquired tasted to audiences. Especially if you like waffles. I have had very little exposure to this variety of Teen Titans until now.

It’s a variety Warner Brothers and DC Animation are completely comfortable continuing with the release of this cinematic outing. What we get with Teen Titans GO! To The Movies is a surreal entry in the crowded world of superhero movies. However, the surrealness works in the film’s favour. Teen Titans GO! is a decepitively pleasing superhero flick that follows in foot of the Lego Batman Movie where laughs are the aim of the game.

The film’s humour works well on two audience fronts. If you’re a youngster, you’ll likely giggle at the childish silliness – farts, poops, etc. If you’re an adult with an interest in superhero films, you’re going to laugh heartily at some of the easter eggs and added layers of meaning in a variety of situations. It makes guessing who the film is ultimately for hard – but as the latter, some of the jokes are best left to be experienced watching the film.

As an adult, the film excels in the simple, yet plafyul, humourous commentary on the world of superhero movies today. The increasing amount of them in today’s cinemas, the frequent serious tone of them,  the ultra reliance on special effects – these are just a few of the targets of the film’s humour. DCU and MCU fans will find it hard not to laugh at some of the easter eggs and meta references used in the film, even the lengths to gleefully subvert them. Considering the emotional heaviness of superhero films lately – I’m looking at you Infinity War – Teen Titans GO! is suitable relief.

Understandly, the appeal of this animated flick for adults is going to be down whether or not you can tolerate the childish silliness or oddly catchy musical numbers. If you’re unsure – you can always wait for it to arrive on home entertainment formats. I feel that there will be an audience keen to see this but also an audience put off by the loud childish nature of it – but then, it is technically a kids’ film, isn’t it?

If we’re really being critical on the film, the plot line is generic in pacing and plot reveals are, for the DC experts, signposted shamelessly. There’s more investment in the story of trying to make a movie than saving the world. But that’s just a minor quibble for a film that asks you to accept their heroic heroes need Michael Bolton as a tiger to help uplift their sorrows after setbacks.

Yes, this happens in this movie.

A surreal yet pleasing cinema experience against the usual grain of superhero movies, Teen Titans GO! doesn’t outstay it’s trip to the movies. It’s silly, it’s childish, and surprisingly rewarding for comic book movie fans.

Iain Boulton

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies is at cinemas now.

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