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Nathan and Sully talk to the press at MCM Comic Con


Uncharted needs no introduction to video gamers. The adventures of Nathan Drake and his mentor Victor Sullivan (or Sully) have been a part of Playstation gaming for over 10 years. Four adventures, a spin-off game and recently a fan mini movie starring Nathan Fillon, Uncharted has left a lasting impact on the video game world.

The voices of Nathan Drake and Sully, Nolan North and Richard McGonagle were in attendance of October 2018’s MCM Comic Con London event. They were, unsurprisingly, quite popular with the fans. Thankfully, they managed to get some time to take part in a press conference arranged by MCM to field various questions, including one from Bunkazilla.

Press Question from Bunkazilla UK: It’s been about ten years since the very first Uncharted game. Did you two have any idea how popular the game series would be in terms of video games?

Nolan: [jokingly] Yes of course. Right off the bat we knew it was going to be a huge hit. I went and bought a house, several cars.

Richard: Lost them all. [laughter from press]

Nolan:  The best way to answer that is there’s no such thing as Uncharted 1. It was Drake’s Fortune and we had no idea. It was… I mean I think… I’d never done motion… I’d done some motion capture but we’d never done anything that was as so theatrical. In terms of the narrative story telling that that game really introduced. It was pretty amazing.

Richard: In fact, when I auditioned for Sully for that, I had never done motion capture. I didn’t know what motion capture was. For other video games, I’d just stand in front of a mic and read the lines. With the audition, the director said [motions director guiding with hands] “OK, you’re going to start here and as you do this you’re going to move over to here.” I said “Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you talking about?” “Well, this is the game. It’s motion capture.” I went and I did the audition. I just felt I was completely off balance and walked out and said “Well, there goes that one… forget it.” When I got the call that I had a call back, I was probably more surprised than anybody. When I first met Nolan at my second audition, they were auditioning the both of us together. None of us had any idea and when we started doing the game with along with Emily Rose, this is going to be a hell of an adventure, we’re going to have a lot of fun, but that’s it.

Nolan: I remember the first scene that we did in that game was where Sully lands the plane and they had built the plane door out of plywood. Sully originally had a cigar and then he would chew on it half the day. He’s go “this is awful.” It ended up being a yellow sharpie.

Richard: Yeah.

Nolan: I remember just wow they made a set and we have to go through it. It felt like playing like a kid, like it was a clubhouse and you’re just pretending to float in the water. It was just… it was great.

Richard: Yeah. Yeah.

Nolan: [to Richard]  You were their fourth choice. I was their third.

Richard: [jokingly] Two of them died mysteriously and the other ones…

Nolan:  Funny thing about that audition, I don’t know if… you know… if you remember this, but Emily Rose who played Elena was just there as a reader, helping them cast and she kept reading with us. They [Naughty Dog] were like “She should be Elena.” That’s how that came about. We told that story last year when she was here.

Press Question: This is for Nolan. You’ve played the role of Blaze, from Blaze of the Monster Machines Have you ever been to a real life monster truck show? If so, what was the best bit?

Nolan:  I have not. I’ve seen them. They’re nothing like the Nickelodeon show. They can’t talk. No, in real life they can’t talk. All the drivers can barely talk. [laughter] Kidding! I haven’t been to a monster truck show but that show is one of my favourites. I’ve done a lot of silly things. I’ve done a lot of… let’s say R rated things. Puerile would be a good word. Dirty is what I’m saying. To do something I have two sons 18 and 15 now, but there was nothing like Blaze existed when they were younger. To have something that you know… I meet a lot of parents now and their kids watch that show and we just got picked up for a fifth season, which is great.

I wish they had told me that I had to sing a song in every episode, cause when you audition when you’re up here in your register and then they want you to sing… You get to a certain age and not ’til about eleven o’clock in the morning does my voice leave this [deep voice] kind of area. I sound like Gary Busey on a bender. [impersonates Busey] You ever been in a barn? Peter Fonda’s my personal Jesus. [returns to normal] These are things Gary Busey would say. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

I love doing Blaze. I hope they run it forever. It has been a joy, maybe I should go check out a monster truck. That would be… like a big truck pull. I’ve seen them. I just don’t… I don’t know… I don’t know what they’re trying… I don’t know who wins. I think… isn’t it when somebody… when it flips over and it’s on it’s back and they’re out? I don’t know.

Press Question:  Question for both of you. What is your favourite moment in the Uncharted Series that stuck out for you personally?

Nolan:  So many.

Richard: There are.

Nolan: [motions to Richard] He can’t remember anything!

Richard: I can’t remember anything. [pauses] Where are we?

Nolan: [mock shouts at Richard] We’re in London, Pop! [laughter from press] There’s so many moments, but in Uncharted 3, we had a lot of fun with Graham McTavish, who’s a very, very, good friends of ours. We’re going through a cavern and McTavish’s character, Cutter, doesn’t like tight spaces.

Richard: He doesn’t like tight spaces.

Nolan:  They just start… Richard just goes “lead on MacDuff,” and Graham who’s Shakespearean trained goes “It’s lay on MacDuff.” And they both go “What? What are you saying lay on?” They had this little argument and I’m the first one through. We did it a bunch of times and on the last take, they just looked at me when they got out and I went “Who’s MacDuff? Richard started laughing and then Graham said one of my favourite lines and they kept it in. He goes “Sigh… is there no bottom to your ignorance?”

Just with a typical thing and I think those moments are what made Uncharted so special because they would leave that kind of stuff in. It literally, we were supposed to get out and I’d be like “Come on… this way.” Instead it was “Who’s MacDuff?” The fact that they would give us the freedom to change things like that. There were a number of things, things I can’t even tell you about. You want to know but you don’t.

Richard: [jokingly] Best you don’t have it in your head.

Nolan: Right?

Richard:  It’s the kind of thing that’ll keep you up nights.

Press Question: What do you both think about people cosplaying your characters?

Richard:   People actually cosplay Sully?

Nolan:  Oh, yeah. Men and women. I’ve seen it. It’s great.

Richard:  Can I cosplay Sully?

Nolan:  You did it for ten years. Let somebody else have a chance. [laughter from press] I think it’s great. I always enjoy whenever I’ve come to a con to see people, men and women dressed as the character. I’ve seen the whole group, I don’t like Nate’s when they have too much blood. Kind of freaks me out. It’s just “Hey, you must have been a terrible player, if your character looks like that.” I enjoy it.

I’ve seen a husband or boyfriend/girlfriend and the guy is Elena, he’s Nate but I still haven’t seen four people do the four Nates from the different games. By the way! If you’re doing Uncharted 4, don’t wear the ring. He lost that in three.

Press Question: One of our favourite shows at the moment, if we’re going to call it a show is Retro Replays. Which I’m really enjoying. You look like you are too. Is that something we can expect to go on for a long time? Have you and Troy Baker discussed it? Is there an end to it?

Nolan:  It depends if the people in this room start getting the word out, to get subscribers. It’s free! Free. We should charge actually I should probably start charging. Troy and I love it. We brought it live to Manchester MCM and Glasgow MCM. We’re hoping to bring it live to the MCM shows next year. London as well.

We love it so much, we have so much fun. We love live chatting during the episode, fans love that. Building that community is really become something that we love to do. The more followers, then these advertisers start getting into the mix and that gives you money. That allows us to hire more editors, do more things, to get more promos, do those things. As that grows, we want to keep going.

Press Question: Is there a game that you like? Is there a biggie that you’ve still got to play, that you can’t wait to play on the show?

Nolan: Oh, there’s a couple, but I can’t tell you because we’re taking it live to, with podcasts, soon to twitch and other surprises. Get everyone to send the word out of Retro Replay… please. So that we can do it for years to come.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End are available on Playstation 4. If you want to check out Retro Replay – and it’s ace by the way – tune in to Season 2 with Nolan North and Troy Baker right now over on their YouTube Channel.

Bunkazilla UK would like to thank Nolan North and Richard McGonagle for their time during the event and thank the press team at MCM Comic Con for arranging the press conference. Check out other interviews from Bunkazilla here.

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