Tokonatsu 2020 Event Announced

The Anime Camping Convention will return next year

Anime conventions and camping together again!

Tokonatsu 2019 Group Image

Fresh off winding down this year’s event, the team at Tokonatsu are already looking towards its next event in 2020. It recently announced last week – just before their 2019 event kicked off – that dates for its 2020 anime camping convention celebration are already set.

If you’re eager to return or want to try a unique convention like no other in the UK anime con circuit, then Tokonatsu 2020 runs from Friday 31st of July to Sunday 2nd of August 2020. Early arrivals are open on the 30th July 2020 with most campers saying goodbye on Monday 3rd of August 2020.

Funnily enough, that’s the weekend before AmeChibi so convention fans already look to have a perfect two week summer vacation of fun lined up!

The event will be running at the Boyd Scout Campsite & Activity Centre in Henlow. You can bring your own tent, hire one from the convention or partake in hiring a special glamping tent.

The tickets aren’t on sale just yet, their committee need a break before going again, but to make sure you don’t miss out on next year’s event, we recommend you keep an eye on their main site and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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