Trivial Titans are coming to Bunkazilla

A brand new show will answer those trivial questions you never asked for

Trivial Titans

Truth! Justice! And the absolutely trivial!

Brace yourselves Monsters of Culture as a new show is heading its way to Bunkazilla UK on August 22nd 2019.

Trivial Titans is a discussion humorous banter filled show that attempts to answer the trivial questions from the realms of geek and pop culture that no one ever really asked. Or, took more than a minute thinking about.

Join Christian R. Allan, Jason Freeman and Iain Boulton as they attempt to answer questions like “What fictional products do you wish were real!?”, “What is the most annoying story narrative device?”, “What would be the best fictional holiday destination?” and many more.

Take this epic journey as these three heroes embark on an utterly pointless quest. The first four episodes are already recorded and will be playing throughout August and September. Check out what to expect below.

August 22nd – Get To Know Your Titans Part 1

Our first episode of Trivial Titans allows listeners to get to know their hosts with a fact finding mission that may surprise the Titans themselves. Christian is first under the spot light, how will he fare under the questions?

August 29th – Get To Know Your Titans Part 2

The fact finding mission continues as the Titans share their stories. Jason answers the rest of his questions leaving poor Iain to go last in this not-so-deadly game.

September 5th – Toying with Emotions

The first proper episode of Trivial Titans see them answer the question of “What dream toy from your childhood did you never have?” Suffice to say there are some painful memories, mostly Christian’s. Discover weird VHS boardgames and why is Richard O’Brian gatecrashing weddings with gold and silver tokens?

September 19th – When You Doot Upon A Doot!

Disney songs are the focus of this episode as The Titans answer the question “What are the Best and Worst Disney Songs?” What songs are fondly loved and what ones are despised? If that isn’t enough, Iain has devised a devilish task that involves kazoos to help with this trivial discussion.

From Episode 5, onwards – they’ll also be doing listener questions so if you want to put a trivial question to the heroic trio, you can do so here.

Trivial Titans will be the first Bunkazilla UK show to receive a multi-platform release. This means the moment the first play of a new episode broadcasts on Bunkazilla’s radio service, its also available on Mixcloud and podcast platforms as well. This is to allow listeners from around the world to experience Trivial Titans together.

Keep your eyes peeled, other Bunkazilla shows will soon join Trivial Titans as multi-platform releases.

While you wait for the show to launch, follow the Trivial Titans on Twitter and be part of their misadventures.

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