This Door Is Locked – Resident Evil

Go back in time to be someone's dinner!

Hello and welcome to This Door Is Locked, a horror game discussion show for all you horror gamers out there.

In this series we’ll be covering everything from indie gems and retro classics to modern masterpieces and blockbuster giants. So, if you love horror and you love gaming, this is the show for you.

Resident EvilFor this first episode, we’re going to be travelling back in time to 1995, when CAPCOM released what would become one of the most influential horror games in history; Resident Evil.

Resident Evil changed the landscape of survival horror, and was actually the first game to be classed under that genre. It put a stronger focus on story-telling and character development, alongside the gore and horror, making it far more well-rounded than typical zombie horror games.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Resident Evil is a 3rd person style horror game for the PlayStation 1. You had the choice of controlling one of two characters; Chris or Jill. Chris has more strength but fewer item slots, and Jill has less health but more weapons at the start. 

There were also differences to the story as well, depending on which character you chose, meaning you essentially got two games for the price of one.

Resident Evil was a game-changer for PlayStation at the time. It became a best-seller in both the US and the UK, and sold over 2.75 million units. 

For some of our guests, this game was played during their formative years and, when there weren’t any online guides and YouTube videos to watch, most of the conversations about this game happened in the classroom or round friend’s houses at weekends.

Image result for resident evil 1 first zombie originalIt had mystery, and it had elements that gamers had not really seen before. While the voice acting is mocked rounded today; back then it seemed like you were playing a horror film, rather than a game!

If you ask anyone who played the original what they remember, chances are everyone will have a different response – there were so many great moments! Pecked to death by crows? Check! Shot a shark? Check! Became a Jill Sandwich? Check!

Resident Evil’s initial success has led to a solid franchise spawning over the years, with the recent addition; Resident Evil: Biohazard, going back to the traditional survival horror style of the first game. If you haven’t played it yet, now is the time to go back and experience it for yourself.

Stay safe out there!


Charlotte loves horror in all its gory and, as her alterego The Cross Eyed Gamer, plays motion-sickness friendly horror games on her YouTube channel.