Trailer Trashing! 29th November, 2019

Save us from this promotional hell!!

A weekly look at the worst trailers, PR, and marketing nonsense that us in the face like an unwelcome fish over the last week. Minimal content, maximum sarcastic comments. We can’t vouch for their authenticity or accuracy when compared to the actual product, but it’s definitely how the marketing departments made us feel. So, yeah: it’s technically all their fault!!
Warning: contains satire, parody, wilful exaggeration and other side effects of of excessive exposure to Hollywood propaganda.

A day late but a dollar saved, because we didn’t do black Friday and we’re not off to see any of these!!!

Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot

Yay: a foul mouthed cannabis burnout and his fat chum. Whoo, and now it’s a sequel that’s taking the Micky out of sequels by really obviously retreading its first outing. Oh my, my sides are about to burst. But wait, there’s more! Because we are evil and must be punished. Cameos and gross out and more cameos and the promise of a Marvel parody and… wow, 18 years has been a long time! I’m not sure if this is supposed to be anarchic humour or some kind of Renaissance fair for Generation X. Either way, it’s about as exciting a prospect as a prostate examination.

This trailer is more painfully self-aware than Skynet.

Two Popes

Quite how this episode of The Office got green-light I’ll never know, but it shows the series pulling power that it got Anthony Hopkins as David Brent and Jonathan Pryce as Timothy Canterbury. In a bold move they’ve set it in Italy, in some kind of international well-being company, and really gone all out on the travel budget. Admittedly the laughs are low in the preview, but the pacing is bang on and I’m sure it’ll go down well with the faithful. I always preferred the US version myself.

Noob gags ahoy!!


’nuff said


Till next week!
The Raggedyman

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