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They can't kill us both, can they?

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Hello and welcome to This Door Is Locked, a horror game discussion show for all you horror gamers out there.

In this series we’ll be covering everything from indie gems and retro classics to modern masterpieces and blockbuster giants. So, if you love horror and you love gaming, this is the show for you.

Playing a horror game alone can be really scary, so you’d think that playing with other people would lessen the effect. However, the rise of popular horror co-op games shows that horror shared is not necessarily horror lessened!

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In this episode, we take a look at variety of horror coop games, including Dead By Daylight, Left4Dead, and Friday the 13th: The Game.

In each of these games, you join forces with friends or strangers, to survive terrifying situations; avoiding campsite killers and classic monsters, to plowing down hordes of zombies.

The main focus of each of these games is how you must work together with other people in order to survive. The advances in technology over the past decade have made games like this really easy to play, with Steam and Discord allowing gamers from all over the world to join in instantly.

Coop horror games also added a new level to horror combat by giving you the chance to play against humans as the bad guys. No more clunky A.I villains, running into walls and walking straight past you just because you were crouched down. Now that real life humans are controlling the horrors chasing you, suddenly the stakes become higher and the chance for escape dramatically decreased!

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However, while coop horror gaming has increased the scares, it has also ramped up the sense of camaraderie. You are working together with friends, or strangers, relying on each other in order for you all to survive. This isn’t some gormless NPC you are fighting alongside this is an interactive gamer, allowing you to strategise, communicate and plan with.

Man of Medan, and its predecessor Until Dawn, has spawned a generation of horror gamer that now relishes the chance to play a horror game as a group, with each player’s choices affecting the outcome for the entire group.

So, do you love them or hate them? Listen to Episode 2 of This Door Is Locked and join us as we dive deep into coop horror gaming.

And as always, stay safe out there!


Charlotte loves horror in all its gory and, as her alter-ego The Cross Eyed Gamer, plays motion-sickness friendly horror games on her YouTube channel.