The Big Stomp: January 2020

It's back, and it's even more stompy than before!

Big Stomp January 2020

The first live Big Stomp of 2020 happened the 30th of January 2020 and you missed it because you weren’t listening live on the Bunkazilla Audio Stream. Good thing we recorded it is, so you can go Download it and listen to Marc Sykes, Jenna Pateman, Charlotte Brown, and the Discord Peanut Gallery pound their way through three monster stories of pop-culture importance from the month!

As an added bonus (also available to people who listened to it live, we’re generous like that), here are the links to the articles that kicked off those talks and that were thrown at us by listeners whilst the show was happening:

The Big Stomp is recorded live from 8pm to 9pm GMT Time every last Thursday of the month, and the next show takes place on February 27th 2020.

And if you want to join The Peanut Gallery, join us on The Stomping Grounds Facebook Group and then turn up on the Discord to join the fun.

See you soon!
The Raggedyman