Trivial Titans – The Frying Pan Buttock Slam

The Titans go to Minamicon 26 and end up talking about frying pans. Oh dear.

Christian! Jason! Iain! Three heroes searching for the answers that nobody really asked for. These are the exploits of the Trivial Titans. Tackling random questions from the world of geek and pop culture with usually comedic consequences. So what are you waiting for, join them for the most thrilling of adventures in this comedy banter podcast.

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What happens in this episode? 

This special bonus, not to mention uncensored, episode of Trivial Titans was recorded at this year’s Minami Con 26, an anime convention held annually in Southampton, UK.

The Titans catch up in the bar area to talk about what they have been doing at the convention.

Then all manner of subjects start coming into the fray. Horrific DVD bootleg covers, cooking, cheese, LARP characters, drinks and more get infused into this general banter chat.

Also, what on earth is The Frying Pan Buttock Slam? You’re going to have to listen to find out!

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