Film Roar 10 – Space Jam & Labyrinth

Animated Basketball and The Goblin King await Iain and Christian on Film Roar

Film Roar 10

Hosted by Iain Boulton and Christian R. Allan, the Bunkazilla Film Roar takes a monstrous chunk out of all the movie news and review the very latest movie reviews – with the odd recent release thrown in for good measure. New episodes arrive weekly on the Bunkazilla website and through all good podcasting platforms. 

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What happens in this episode? 

We’re travelling to 1980s and 1990s for this episode of Film Roar.

But before we do that, a brief news segment sees our cinematic hosts discuss the Universal and AMC, Odeon & Cineworld conflict. Plus something that might make film releases in China possibly difficult in future.

Then it’s on the reviews!

First up, the Looney Tunes fight for their freedom with basketball in 1995’s Space Jam. Featuring sports legend Michael Jordan, both Iain and Christian saw this film when they were young. Does it hold up after nearly 25 years?

Then our hosts revisit 1984 for the unique combination of David Bowie and Jim Henson with fantasy film, Labyrinth. What works more for the film? David Bowie’s music or the technical wizardly of Henson’s puppets? Find out on Film Roar.

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