Trash Or Treasure: MAMMA MIA! Charity challenge

Donate to charity, receive schadenfreude - ABBA style!

Like this, but substantially less sexy

Yeah, it sucks to be stuck at home. But it’s even worse if you don’t have a home or have unreliable housing, so The Raggedyman is once again going to sit through an absolute stinker of a movie (Well, by his standards) in return for you lot donating money to Shelter.

Yes, for a mere total of £150.00 in donations to Shelter , you can collectively get him to watch Mamma Mia! – a jukebox musical that combines touching romantic comedy with the tunes of ABBA. Please note: Raggedyman does not like jukebox musicals, touching romantic comedies, or ABBA and he has done all he can to avoid watching this movie for 12 years. And for a meagre £100 more you can make him watch Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! the existence of which Raggedyman has used as proof of God abandoning us all.

If it all comes in on the same week he’ll watch them both in one long, painful, and probably tear-filled sitting. And then for your further sadistic pleasure, he’ll write up all about it, like he did with Love Actually and Cats

So: please share the news and, if you can, donate at the Just Giving Page to help those in need and to torment an opinionated jerk.