Film Roar 15 – Last Days of American Crime & An American Tail

We're heading for America in this Film Roar for The Last Days of American Crime and An American Tail

Hosted by Iain Boulton and Christian R. Allan, the Bunkazilla Film Roar takes a monstrous chunk out of all the movie news and review the very latest movie reviews – with the odd recent release thrown in for good measure. New episodes arrive weekly on the Bunkazilla website and through all good podcasting platforms. 

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What happens in this episode? 

Warning: There are spoilers for both main film reviews in this episode. We recommend you watch the films first before hitting play!

With UK lockdown restrictions easing, Iain and Christian finally see one another after several months to record an episode together – with sensible social distancing in place.

Before our film reviews, the duo talk about some of the films they’ve watched, touch on viewing formats and even student films.

Then it’s on to the movie reviews – both of which come from Netflix.

Netflix’s latest crime caper, The Last Days of American Crime is first. Set in a futuristic dystopia, America is set to wipe out all crime with the power of brain signals. Some criminals though want to have one last heist beforehand. It sounded promising – then they watched it.

The second review of the episode takes into the work of animator Don Bluth with An American Tail. Charting the immigration journey of The Mousekewitz family, this was a rare box office success for a non-Disney animated film. But has it aged well?

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