Film Roar 20 – The Old Guard

Animated mysteries and immortal soldiers! Quite a varied episode of Film Roar!

Hosted by Iain Boulton and Christian R. Allan, the Bunkazilla Film Roar takes a monstrous chunk out of all the movie news and review the very latest movie reviews – with the odd recent release thrown in for good measure. New episodes arrive weekly on the Bunkazilla website and through all good podcasting platforms. 

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What happens in this episode?

This week it’s animated mysteries, immortal soldiers, french feather dusters and Christian’s unhealthy obsession with 2001’s Cats and Dogs. It can only be Film Roar!

Following our regular cinematic check-in on our hosts, our hosts discuss Halloween Kills, the latest film to be delayed by COVID-19. Is it fair to write off any attempt for big tentpole releases to hit cinemas in these unprecedented times? Also, Parasite is returning in a black and white format and heading to the cinema and online streaming. Our hosts discuss these developments and then it’s on to the reviews.

Before we head to our main review, Iain and Christian try to unravel the frustrating mystery of Scoob! Scooby-Doo has another big-screen outing – though digitally released thank to COVID-19 – but something isn’t right here. It’s doubly frustrating when one of our hosts is a fond fan of The Mystery Machine.

The main review is Netflix’s The Old Guard. A comic book adaptation featuring Charlize Theron leading a group of immortal soldiers for hire. But what happens when their secret of immortality is discovered? Why a barrage of action hijinks and surprisingly interesting characters.

Episode Timings 

  • 00:00 -Intro
  • 01:28 – Christian’s Cinematic Week (Christian and the French feather duster)
  • 16:20 – Iain’s Cinematic Week (The Cary Grant Adventures, 3D – The Awkward Cinema Sibling, Why aren’t we talking about Cats & Dogs?)
  • 32:34News: Parasite: Black & White arrives this month
  • 37:54News: Halloween Kills is delayed / Is 2020 a write off for tentpole movies?
  • 46:47 – Review: Scoob! (2020 – Home Streaming Rental)
  • 01:09:34 – Review: The Old Guard (2020 – Netflix Exclusive)

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