Hustlers of Culture 5×12 – Boyz n the Hood

The acclaimed directorial debut of John Singleton is the focus of this episode of Hustlers of Culture

Hosted by Hugh K. David and Leslie Pitt, Hustlers of Culture tackles a range of topics from the realm of pop culture. From popular movies, hidden gems, topical debates and more, the show offers a UK BIPOC PoV on all things cultural and beyond!

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What happens in this episode?

A long-awaited chance for Les and Hugh to return to this modern classic. The discussion begins funnily enough on the Hughes Brothers and MENACE II SOCIETY as a way into the late John Singleton’s smash-hit debut by contrast. As they dig deeper and deeper into Singleton’s work and his cast, more and more context is placed around both this film, what came before and it and those that would follow.

Interested in the film covered?

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