Binges & Boxsets 3×02 – The Witcher (2019)

Hugh and Anna toss a coin to the brooding Henry Cavill and Netflix's popular adaptation of The Witcher

Presented by Hugh K. David and Anna Hussey, explore the essential shows you must see and the shows to avoid in this television review podcast show. Whether they’re on your standard terrestrial channels or available on streaming platforms, there’s a whole exciting world of television to explore!

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What happens in this episode? 

As long-time fantasy fans, Anna and Hugh deliver their usual informed yet passionate take on Netflix’s adaptation of Poland’s legendary WITCHER series, best known in the West via CD Projekt Red’s blockbuster videogame adap series. The TV show, however, goes right back to the early books themselves, adapting short stories and larger episodes and arcs from the novels. But just how successfully? Listen to this episode to find out.

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