The Big Stomp – September 2020

I'd like an oven ready Snyder Cut, please! What do you mean I have to pay $70 million dollars?

Big Stomp September 2020

Broadcast live on Twitch on the 2nd and last Wednesday of the month, The Big Stomp is the geek & pop culture discussion show covering the latest news stories and topics of discussion. Hosted by Andrew Watton-Davies aka The Raggedyman, three panellists take part in each show with a story they feel is worth stomping about. 

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What happens in this episode? 

This episode was broadcast live on Twitch on Wednesday 30th September 2020.

The main monthly edition of The Big Stomp sees The Raggedyman joined by Lizzie Barnes, Jenna Pateman and Lewie Kong for another jam-packed geeky discussion on recent stories from the pop culture world.

In this episode, Lizzie returns to the hot movie topic of the Justice League Snyder Cut when it has been recently revealed that the supposed “ready for release” director’s cut needs a hefty $70 million dollars to complete the outstanding work on the film.

Jenna sheds light on GQ’s John Boyega interview where the actor recently shared his frustrations with how his and other characters were treated in the latest Star Wars films and how the film was presented in oversea markets.

Lewie examines the potential effect Microsoft’s $7.5 billion dollar acquisition of ZeniMax – who owns Bethesda, one of the highest-profile studios in gaming right now. What does Xbox’s latest purchase mean for console and PC gamers, especially when the next-gen machines are soon to launch?

Episode Timings (YouTube Video)

  • 00:00:00 – Start
  • 00:01:47 – The Snyder Cut Needs More Money
  • 00:35:05 – Disney & John Boyega
  • 01:05:35 – Microsoft is buying Bethesda

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