Weekend Fuel – 6th November 2020

Spongebob, vendettas, glorious boxsets and car chases!

Fancy a movie night this Saturday? Need a TV show to binge on a quiet Sunday? Maybe you want a new game to play? Well, we may have something that could help give your weekend a much-needed pick-me-up with our Weekend Fuel! We’ve compiled a list of movies, tv shows and games that might be worth checking out over the next few days.


The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run

(Available to exclusively on Netflix UK)

Sponge on the Run movie

Spongebob Squarepants is back once again for a fresh cinematic adventure. Originally due to land in cinemas earlier this year before COVID-19 hit, The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run has now premiered on Netflix for UK audiences.

Boasting an eye-pleasing new animation style, the animated adventure takes SpongeBob and Patrick to the lost city of Atlantic City to solve the mysterious kidnapping of Gary the snail. They soon prove that there’s nothing stronger than the power of friendship as they encounter danger and delight at every turn. For SpongeBob fans, all your favourite characters are here as always. Plus, Keanu Reeves pops up as a breathtaking wise ball of Sage.


Sure to easily entertain audiences young and old, it’s certainly worth checking out.

V for Vendetta (2005)

(Available on 4K UHD Blu-Ray and Digital Platforms)

V for Vendetta 4K

With the recent passing of that legendary UK date of the 5th of November, fan favourite V for Vendetta is back!

15 years since the original release, dystopian political action from The Wachowskis has been released on 4K Blu-Ray and also re-released on various digital platforms. Based on the British graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, the film presents a futuristic, totalitarian Britain where the mysterious V (Hugo Weaving) sets out to disrupt and overthrow the oppressive Norsefire Party, helmed by all-powerful High Chancellor Adam Sutler (John Hurt). In order to achieve his objective, V enlists the help of Evey (Natalie Portman), an everyday citizen who grows more fascinated with V and his political fight.

Visually stunning and still relevant to today’s political climate, V for Vendetta is a thought-provoking actioner.

Boxset Releases

Marvel Studios: The Infinity Saga – Collector’s Edition 4K Boxset

There are movie boxsets and then there is this monster of a set from Disney and Marvel Studios.  The Infinity Saga is brought together in perhaps one of the eye-catching boxsets a movie series has ever received and it’s certainly worth your attention if you haven’t had a chance to own the MCU films in any form.

All 23 MCU films, from Iron Man all the way through to Spider-Man: Far From Home, are included in both 4K and standard Blu-ray. In addition to every single MCU movie released, it also includes a special lithograph designed by Matt Ferguson, an Infinity Saga poster and a thank you letter from Kevin Feige (Head of Marvel Studios). It’s literally the perfect collection any Marvel Cinematic Universe fan could possibly dream of. The big downside to this absolutely gorgeous looking set is that it is £400 – which works out roughly around £17 per film.

Ultimately, it’s really a big collector’s item purchase as all films have previously been released or can be enjoyed through other platforms like Disney+. But you can’t help but look at this set in awe.

Dragonball Super: Complete Series

(Available on Blu-Ray and DVD)

If you’ve been waiting for a mega Dragon Ball Super release, you’re in luck! Manga UK has finally compiled all of the hit anime series into one super saiyan boxset, available on DVD and Blu-ray.

The series takes places after the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z (so we can all forget Dragon Ball GT now) where Goku’s peaceful farmer lifestyle is disturbed by the arrival of a powerful god who brings the beloved hero back into the fighting fold across brand new sagas such as Battle of Gods, Resurrection F, Champa, Future Trunks and Universe Survival.

It makes a great watch for Dragonball fans during this second lockdown or even an early Christmas present! If you haven’t continued the adventures of Goku and friends, this is certainly a must-watch.


Video Games

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

(Available on Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation and Xbox)

Remasters seem to be all the rage in gaming and EA have given a fresh remaster to another one of their highly praised Need for Speed games. Originally released in 2010 by Criterion Games (Burnout Series), the racer lets players either hit the roads as eager racers or determined police cars in a battle for supremacy on the highway. It was Criterion’s first run with the established driving franchise and it was a hit when it debuted on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Following on the success of the Burnout Paradise remaster, Hot Pursuit comes remastered and primed for current and next-gen consoles – now letting racers feel those insane speeds in 60fps.


That’s all the Weekend Fuel suggestions we have for this week. Come back next Friday for another round-up of suggestions to power your geeky and nerdy needs for the weekend.

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