The Uwe Boll Ball – Update 2

Get Ready For Awful! There's still time to donate!

Bunkazilla UK is launching our first charity live stream event this Christmas with Andrew “The Raggedyman” Watton-Davies putting himself through the torture of watching up to 5 Uwe Boll films in one day to raise money to Crisis UK.

We are now four days away from the Uwe Boll Ball, and thanks to your wonderful generosity we have hit our fourth milestone!

That means that our current viewing schedule on Sunday the 27th is

12pm – House Of The Dead, with Paul and Raggedyman
2pm – Alone In The Dark, with De’Valmont and Raggedyman
4pm – BloodRayne, with Redheaded Rambler and Raggeyman
6pm – FarCry, with Station Controller and Raggedyman

“But Raggedyman,” I imply that you cry, so to encourage you to give more cash to Crisis, “What about BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich” with Jenna Pateman, one of our two favourite presenter historians of Reel History? Wasn’t that supposed to be starting at 8pm?” Yes, it is. But only if YOU (collectively) can muster up that final £200 to get us to our penultimate film of the night.

So, please; go here and donate and/or share the link to other people who want to help out. Remembering that that £200 represents 8 homeless people getting a place to stay with Crisis this Christmas.

“But Raggedyman. what happens after that total is reached?” A good question, with a simple answer. If we then reach £1000, myself and Station Controller will add another 2 hours to our day by watching “F**k You All: The Uwe Boll Story”, because what we will really want to do after 8 solid hours of his… I want to say “movies”, but that just feels wrong in my mouth… is look into the mind of the person behind our systemic boredom. Admittedly, that could be entertaining, but we will both be too numb to register it as anything but an extension of our exhaustion.

So –  come one, come all, it’s almost time for the Uwe Boll Ball!!!

The Ball

The main live stream event takes place on Sunday 27th December 2020 from 12:00pm over on our Twitch channel at You’ll be able to watch the live reactions of Andrew and the team as they “enjoy” Uwe Boll’s masterpieces during the day. Please note, the Raggedyman will be live the whole time the ball lasts and only be allowed to leave for short loo breaks. As long as the money is rolling in then he will start a new movie every two hours, so to fill the gaps it’s likely that the co-hosts will swap donations in return for him doing silly things on camera for your amusement.

Please note: The stream itself won’t feature any footage of the films but you can join the fun as well with your own copy of the films being watched and hitting play when instructed to by our hosts. If you miss the start, we’ll also have a runtime counter going so you can catch up.

About the charity

Crisis UK is the national charity for homeless people and they are committed to ending homelessness.

​Every day we see the devastating impact homelessness has on people’s lives. Every year Crisis works side by side with thousands of homeless people, to help them rebuild their lives and leave homelessness behind for good. Through their pioneering research into the causes and consequences of homelessness and the solutions to it, they know what it will take to end it.

Together with others who share the charity’s resolve, Crisis brings their knowledge, experience and determination to campaign for the changes that will solve the homelessness crisis once and for all.

We know that homelessness is not inevitable. We know that together we can end it.

To visit Crisis UK’s website, click their logo below.

Donate to The Uwe Boll Ball

You don’t have to wait until the live stream event itself to donate money to the cause. You can help shape The Raggedyman’s Uwe Boll destiny today! We are accepting donations now and you can contribute by clicking here or the donate button below. We’ll also be running the campaign throughout December so you can donate during any of our live streams to help towards our overall goal of £1,000. For an added bonus, if you donate at least £10, we’ll read out your message of support (or mockery of Raggedyman) during the main event itself in between films; just make sure you leave a message with your donation!

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