Ferocious 5: Top 5 Cat Daddies

Five men who can teach us about that crazy little cat-guy thing called love

Ferocious 5 sheds light on a whole universe of pop and geek culture connections with bite-size lists. Explore topics, properties, fandoms you never knew existed in this article series on Bunkazilla. This week, PinkAppleJam looks at the reason the internet was invented: Cats!

There are many stereotypes about “crazy old cat ladies” and we’ve heard them all – thanks, toxic patriarchy, and that of course affects men too. Showing caring traits is deemed lowly and small to some because of gender and pet choice is very bizarre. Cats Protection gave a survey in 2019 and their findings demonstrated men who prefer dogs as pets are seen as more masculine than those who prefer cats – even though owning any pet requires compassionate qualities!

Whether you are a dog person or a cat person – or just an all-round animal person – the visual and emotional connection of pets and their owners having fun online between them and us as viewers, gives super appealing feel-good fuzzytimes.

Jackson Galaxy

Rock musician Jackson Galaxy hosts the long-running TV show, “My Cat From Hell”. In every episode the audience learns a little more about cat behaviours and tips on how to make life better not just for the cats who are stressed out, but for their equally stressed-out families. Pretty much 99% of the cats and their owners learn how to communicate better to stop making life difficult for each other throughout every episode, and the very few kitties that cannot, always get rehomed in a good new environment. It is a fascinating and endearing television series that puts a lot of love out into the world. Endless repeats prove its timeless, core values.

Galaxy learned cat behavior through his work with rescue cats, and went officially into cat consultancy to spread the love. Galaxy gives out videos showing help and advice – free Team Cat Mojo to help support all cats with a better life in this world.

Seasons 1-8 are available on both and Amazon Prime.

Website: https://www.jacksongalaxy.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCatDaddy66

Moshow the Cat Rapper

Portland catdad Moshow is the internets’ premiere Cat Rapper. Moshow’s mission is to inspire us and share stories and lessons learnt, and to raise awareness of the plight of unwanted, abused and homeless cats. Moshow creates caring, sweet songs and videos about the joys of adopting cats, for Oregon Animal Shelter plus many more.

The Rap Cat Dad King owns a number of adorable cats, a number of which are shorthair, and explains to us followers the extra amount of care needed to help look after them with their special skin conditions. Caring is extra cool with Moshow helping show us how to do so. Moshow’s most popular video is of him sharing a bath with kitty Ravioli, the most chill cat, freestyle rapping while keeping him clean.

Moshow is the dad to cats Black $avage, Sushi, Lil Parmesan, Mega Man, and DJ Ravioli. If you live in the same area as Moshow, you may even also see him taking a stroll with his furry fam! Find Moshow online and share the love, he has a lot to give.

Moshow’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvAQXVrBAzmdVycWb1kv-aA
Cat Bath Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOndRFZkeh4
Moshow’s Website: http://iammoshow.com/

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown is the digital main man from Grasshopper Manufacture’s No More Heroes franchise. He is a hyper-cartoonish otaku bro, but he thinks he is also very cool. Otaku by day, Travis is a huge fan of pro wrestling, video games and a collector of many geeky collectibles – especially magical moe girl mecha anime ‘Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly’; by night, his Assasin-dayjob requires his to wield beam katanas, fighting other assassins in the bleak world of Santa Destroy. After a hard day’s gaming in real life, he comes home to his cat, Jeane. And you can pet her too! (You can do this by selecting the “Jeane” option in Travis’ living room).

Other No More Heroes games include Jeane a bit more and she even triggers a major plot device. Jeane is also named after Travis’ half-sister with a very sad backstory.

Travis ages throughout all games (from 27 to 39) but the things he lovesthat keep him fighting are steadfast – including Jeane. Travis and Jeane feature in No More Heroes (2007), No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (2010) and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (2019)). Travis proves you are never too manly for cat times

Travis Strikes Again is available on Steam

Travis Strikes Again – No More Heroes YouTube trailer

Freddie Mercury

Possibly pop’s first known King of Cats, Freddie Mercury was unabashed about his love for his cats. Owning a number of them, he absolutely doted upon them, and even wrote a song about them (Delilah, from the album Innuendo, 1991). In an era when identifying as anything but straight was too dangerous for many, unacceptable by his Parsi family, and homosexulity still within memory of that era being illegal, Freddie lived a flamboyant party life, being his authentic bisexual self, with his cats absolutely part of his downtime when at home. After all, they’re only going to be judgemental about eating schedules… never about partner choice. Longtime assistant Peter Freestone, who consulted on the film told The Washington Post, “His cats were his family.”

In the 2018 film, the Rami Malek portrayed Freddie, but poor Malek is apparently allergic to cats. The filmmakers absolutely made sure Freddie’s complex life was brought truthfully to the forefront of the cinema screen, and that of course included a lot of appearances from kitty actors (but far away enough to prevent Malek coming out in hives).

Bohemian Rhapsody can be viewed via Amazon:
Click here for the Delilah official lyric video

Rob Halford

Owner of over one hundred cat shirts and proudly posting pictures every Sat– er, Caturday, Black Country bred, global Rock God Rob just loves cats. Halford told Rolling Stone that he even has a secret cat T-shirt supplier

Halford loves cats for their metal attitude of knocking stuff over when looking at you straight in the eye when doing so, in particular. The self-proclaimed ‘stately homo of heavy metal’, is now a very metal 69-dude years old, has many stories to tell – from being closeted to addiction to over thirty years clean, he has a lot of love to give thanks to sobriety. Halford is all-pets-inclusive and asks not just cat lovers to post their cats, but for everyone to post their entire menageries some Saturdays too.

The Metal God performed Painkiller and Breakin’ the Law with Babymetal at the APMAs 2016 – though not a cat, the Fox God (close enough) chose Babymetal to be the saviours of metal with the blessing of Halford and Rob Zombie too; Babymetal “…were then sent down to this world as an incarnation of the Fox God. And, it was time for the Metal Resistance.

Halfords’ ever-present social media love for cats helps bring awareness and support for cat shelters. He misses Mr Smokey, a persian who always hissed at him for putting him “in kitty jail”, a.k.a the local cattery, when Halford had to go and tour the world. He still has a picture of Mr Smokey on his bookshelf.

Rob Halford Confess: The Autobiography is out now via Hachette Books
Also available in AudioBook

We need more archetypes such as the Cat Dads listed above to help make the world a much better place – unabashedly showing and embracing core, caring human values. Cats’ independence, affection on their own terms, and strong personalities are timelessly entertaining; stereotypes be damned, love your cats, because #CatMenDo show their soft side… and are shoving those stereotypes right off the table!

That’s our list for now. There are plenty more adorable cat daddies out there and we’ll share some more in a future edition of Ferocious 5. Let us know your thoughts and do share your favourite feline father nominations with us.

Until next time… stomp on monsters of culture, stomp on!

Laura Watton (PinkAppleJam)

Better known as PinkAppleJam, Laura is one of the hosts of Hardcore Genki Hour! Catch the show on Bunkazilla.

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