Reel History 3×04 – Cool Runnings (1993)

The story of Jamaica's first winter bobsleigh team is the focus in Reel History UK

Presented by Hugh K. David and Jenna Pateman, Reel History UK is an informative and engaging podcast exploring the presentation of historical events within pop culture ranging across film and television. Each episode, our hosts focus on a chosen television show or movie property that may be based on or around important historical events. From there, each episode discussion leads to the ultimate decision, is the chosen media property REAL History or REEL History?

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What happens in this episode? 

Recorded during UK Black History Month 2020 but now released in US Black History Month 2021, Hugh and Jenna look at a film that could have been a disastrously unfunny look at real-life events, but instead has become a modern comedy classic as well as a point of pride and inspiration in Jamaica itself.

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