The Big Stomp – February 2021

Console Scalping, Video Game Movies and a music group goodbye are the topics in this month's Big Stomp!

Broadcast live on Twitch on the last Wednesday of the month, The Big Stomp is the geek & pop culture discussion show covering the latest news stories and topics of discussion. Hosted by Andrew Watton-Davies aka The Raggedyman, three panellists take part in each show with a story they feel is worth stomping about. 

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What happens in this episode? 

This episode was first broadcast on Bunkazilla UK’s Twitch channel on Wednesday 24th of February 2021.

The Raggedyman is joined by Lizzie Barnes, Reel History UK’s Hugh K. David and Bunkazilla contributor Harriett Greene for another episode of insightful geek culture debate and discussion.

Our episode kicks off with Lizzie reflecting on the continuing difficulties gamers are having trying to buy the brand new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. With a scalping group declaring their “noble” intentions in reselling the consoles, the group discuss if the scalpers’ arguments are valid or just a facade for their greed?

Harriett uses the well-received trailer for Warner Brother’s Mortal Kombat movie reboot to ask if video game movies are getting better? With Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog being box office successes and more high profile properties inbound, is Harriett right? Or is a video game movie disaster right around the corner?

Finally, Hugh reflects the reaction to the news that beloved DJs Daft Punk have called time on their musical escapades together. Are fans unable to process the grief of losing something they hold dear to their hearts? The group ponders this not just in music but in general geek culture as well.

Episode Timings (YouTube Video)

  • 00:00 – Start
  • 02:23 – Won’t someone think of the console scalpers?
  • 50:45 – A new age of video game movies?
  • 01:25:13 – Goodbye Daft Punk

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