Paul And Andrew Watch All Of Halloween

Hey... are you William Shatner?

Paul and Andrew are back with a new friend, Michael Myers, for another Watch Along Series on the Bunkazilla UK Twitch Channel

Following on from Paul And Andrew watching all of Friday the 13th, Paul and Andrew have decided to take on the entire of another majestic series: The Halloween Series! Because we like masked serial killers with confusing family dynamics and an ungodly number of follow on movies. So, join them bi-weekly as they work their way through the legend of Michael Myers, from 1978 movie Halloween to the 2018 movie Halloween. And if you think five movies in the series sharing names is confusing, you wait till you get to the timelines!

Yes, once again Bunkazilla is proud to present it’s fantastic watch-along series, with each episode featuring:

  • Paul’s Exciting Statistics – breaking down the magic of movies into numbers, for your viewing pleasure
  • Andrew’s Amazing Facts -insightful titbits of information from behind the scenes of the movie
  • Critics Corner – a collection of the finest reviews of the films from when they were first released
  • Paul and Andrew And The Twitch Stream Chatting Along To The – don’t forget to take a drink at the first kill!
  • The Breakdown – Paul and Andrew breaking down the themes, highlights, and relative merits of what you just watch
  • The Hall Of Halloweens! – A scientifically decided ranking of each Halloween film, as Paul and Andrew attempt to determine which is the most Halloweenie of them all
  • And lots of other nonsense, bad jokes, rye observations, intellectual analysis and laughing as people are viciously murdered for our collective viewing entertainments!!!


In order to enjoy Paul And Andrew Watch All Of Halloween, you will need to source your own copy of the films featured as the Streams will not include any playback of the films. Simply source a copy of the film covered and press play when our brave hosts tell you to!

We have compiled a timetable of when Andrew and Paul are watching the films along with a link to view the film through Amazon Prime Video. A good portion of the films are available as part of Starz Play (at time of writing) so if you sign up to the channel through Amazon or any other available online platform with Starz, you’re all set!

If you can’t join the stream on the night, you’ll be able to catch up with a replay on the Bunkazilla UK YouTube Channel along with a Short Cuts version featuring our hosts thoughts on the movies.

Paul and Andrew Watch All of Halloween kicks off from Tuesday 4th May at 20:00 and airs live every other week following at Check the full schedule below for our line up!



Watch Along Schedule

(All streams begin at 20:00 UK BST Time unless noted below. The schedule is subject to change, we recommend following us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date for any announcements)


Tuesday 4th May 2021

Amazon link:

Tuesday 18th May 2021

Amazon Link:

Tuesday 1st June 2021

Amazon Link:

Tuesday 15th June 2021

Amazon Link:

Tuesday 29th June 2021

Amazon Link:

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Amazon Link:

Tuesday 27th July 2021

Amazon Link:

Tuesday 10th August 2021

Amazon Link:

Tuesday 24th August 2021

Amazon Link: Unavailable

Tuesday 7th September 2021

Amazon Link:

Tuesday 21st September 2021

Amazon Link:

Halloween Kills Review Special

TBC (October 2021)


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