The Big Stomp – April 2021

We're heading off to space, doing some shopping and holding our beloved classic movies tight in brand new Big Stomp!

Broadcast live on Twitch on the last Wednesday of the month, The Big Stomp is the geek & pop culture discussion show covering the latest news stories and topics of discussion. Hosted by The Raggedyman, three panellists take part in each show with a story they feel is worth stomping about. 

Episode Player – YouTube Version

What happens in this episode? 

This episode was first broadcast on Bunkazilla UK’s Twitch channel on Wednesday 28th of April 2021.

In a break in format, this Big Stomp had The Raggedyman joined by only two guests: Misha Sumra and Lizzie (aka The Redheaded Rambler).

Misha talks Elon Musk and the money behind the third race into space. Is Elon the super villain that Sci-fi warned us about or a corporate mascot that keeps the media interested in the duller side of interplanetary travel?

Lizzie shows off the latest “lifestyle” products from high-tech companies that can’t actually be made right now as there’s a silicon chip shortage on! Are these new technological products cashing in on the gullible or do people just like things to show of?

In our first Viewer’s Choice topic, our Patreon supporters wanted to know our thoughts on the possibility of contemporary adverts being retroactively and dynamically put into films. End of Art or Business As Usual? Let’s discuss…

Episode Timings (YouTube Video)

  • 00:00 – Intro and Starts
  • 02:15 – Capitalism In Space
  • 39:22 – Geek Lifestyle Shopping
  • 01:08:40 – Paul And Andrew are back!
  • 01:13:32 – Virtual Advertising
  • 01:56:08 – Sign off

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