The Ninja Sex Party Very Acoustic Performance Review (2021)

If you can't tour, do an acoustic livestream!

After over a year, Ninja Sex Party announced their new show for 2021: The Ninja Sex Party Very, Very, Very, Very Acoustic Performance which would be available to buy and watch through the Moment House website on 1st & 2nd of May 2021, their first virtual show. The music comedy duo of lead vocalist Dan Avidan (Danny Sexbang) and keyboardist Brian Wecht (Ninja Brian) last went on the road with their International Tour of 2019 in October where they travelled to Ireland, UK and Europe for the first time to perform live. The band also celebrated their 10th Anniversary by putting on a one off show in Chicago a couple of weeks before the tour.

For the fans this was exciting news as the band were unable to tour last year and with the tickets being unlimited, there was no fear of fans missing out on watching the show. For a lot of fans, including many of my friends, this would be their first concert seeing the band. It was split into 3 sections, depending in the world where you were, when you could watch it. On Sunday night I sat down and watched the show with a friend (and have since watched it many more times) and wanted to give my review of it.

We begin with seeing the stage set up with candles, flowers, purple lighting, the set up for the band plus the famous Dannyquin (from many of their music videos) sitting on a stool on the back of the stage, wearing one of Dan’s kimonos.

Dan, Brian and their executive producer Jim Roach walk onto the stage with their song ‘I Want To Do Math With You’ playing in the background. Jim has helped write a lot of their songs as well as joining with Brian with his other band, Go Banana Go, where they write songs for children.

Dan is wearing his shirt from the We Built This City video and trousers from the Africa music video. While Brian is wearing a brilliant Huey Lewis and The News parody shirt with jeans.

They all sit down as Dan thanks everyone for joining them for the entirety of their 2021 tour.

We begin with The Decision which is from their first album (NSFW). Brian starts to play a dramatic intro before they start to perform. Straight away you know the fans are going to enjoy every moment of this, even though there is not a live audience the fans are singing along at home while they watch.

The next song they perform is Unicorn Wizard from their second album (Strawberries and Cream), Dan gives a shout out to Egoraptor aka Arin Hanson who is his co-host for Game Grumps. Arin came up with the title of the song. Its great how Dan is interacting with the audience, giving them a thumbs up to the camera during his break in-between verses. As Dan asks Brian to finish the song we have classic Brian trolling Dan as he takes his time to finish the song.

Next is their first cover performance of the night, Rocket Man from their second Under The Covers album, which Dan says is by David Bowie. I had to do a quick double-check in case I was wrong all this time of who originally made it but I found this very funny as we find out later on in the show that Dan credits all the cover songs performed in the show to David Bowie. This song is beautifully sung by Dan, with the band producing this song with The Super Guitar Bros, we knew this was going to be amazing to listen to.

Heart Boner is their next song which is one of the fan favourites from their fourth album (Cool Patrol). At the last tour, dedicated fans handed out small red hearts for the fans to shine their mobile torches to the stage for the red lighting to set the mood of the song. The video was a big inspiration for me to cosplay the costume Dan wears in it (partially and beautifully animated by Knights of the Light Table). Dan got the fans to sing the first harmony part of the chorus during the tour as he sung the lyrics after, again he stuck to that for this performance. I would love to think the fans sang that part while they were watching.

The next cover to be performed is Everybody Wants To Rule the World, which again, as Dan’s running joke continued, was apparently written by David Bowie. Brilliant, I was still laughing at that bit. This was from their first Under The Covers Album.

Before we move onto the next song, we have a little break as Jim tries to tune his guitar quickly, jokingly saying it would be great if he got paid more to be here. Brian walks over and gives Jim a lot of $20 bills to help, though he takes back $40 as he goes back to his keyboard.

And we carry on with Wondering Tonight from their latest album (The Prophecy) and one of my favourites which I was hoping to hear performed. The magic of this band is that even though they add their classic lyrics, they make this sound like a genuine love song which is beautiful. The music video of the song is just as beautiful as it is partially animated by Imogen Scoppie.

The penultimate song is next but before it begins Dan says a few words to the audience, “When Brian and I started this band 12 years ago, our only goal was to make people laugh. Which is why we wrote a lot of songs about dinosaurs and wizards. Then as the years went on we were actually shocked to find out that this band meant something to people beyond that. The people were making an emotional connection with the music. And then we started putting more of ourselves into the songs and this is one of those songs which is definitely a true story for both of our lives I think. Cause we were both nerds growing up and we still are.” As Dan raises his drink in his hand he introduces Danny Don’t You Know (again from album Cool Patrol)

This song means so much to the fans. The lyrics really hit home with me as I was, like many others, a geek growing up and thought I was weird. It was not until I started going to conventions, meeting new friends and finally finding my ‘tribe’ that I found I belonged somewhere. I even have an engraved bracelet that has the lyrics, “Cool as heck on the inside” that I look at if I begin to doubt myself. When you hear “Come on you are a star tonight!” it gives you goosebumps especially as the music stops as it is sung before it begins again.

Dan asks the audience to give a round of applause to Jim before the band applaud him enthusiastically for joining them tonight.

As the show begins to close Dan says how fun the show has been, that they are sorry that they cannot tour this year and that hopefully this show will tide the fans over until then. Eventually, they will be back on the road again and in Dan’s words, “all over the Earth” and that they love and appreciate us all.

The last song of the night is Dinosaur Laser Fight (NSFW) which was one of the first acoustic songs they played on their last tour and a perfect song to end to. Dan thanks the fans again and says goodbye. As they leave the stage Dan takes the Dannyquin but struggles to pick him and awkwardly walks back to the mic to state he didn’t know it was taped to the chair, Dan is then able to pick up the Dannyquin easily and walks back to the mic to say it turns out he wasn’t taped to the chair before walking off with Brian behind him, loved Dan acting in character before he left.

This was my second show seeing the band and absolutely loved this show from start to finish. Jim was a fantastic addition to the show playing the guitar as well as joining Dan with singing and harmonising. It was a very chilled show throughout and had a wonderful atmosphere. The filming was so well done which brought you up close and personal to the performance as well as the editing with the merges into the next frame with each song.

When asked on his latest Instagram live video, Brian said they picked the songs they thought would suit acoustically which is why it was a 30-minute show. Though I have to say they were very good choices.

I cannot wait to see them when they tour again in the future!

Harriett “MangaGirl” Greene

Harriett appears as a regular panellist on Bunkazilla shows such as The Big Stomp and Quiz Smash. She also is one of the many guest hosts that run Let’s Play a Game on Saturdays over on the Bunkazilla Twitch channel. You can enjoy more Ninja Sex Party related content and more from Harriett over on her YouTube channel. Give it a subscribe!

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