Film Roar 40 – Nomadland (2021)

Winning Best Picture comes with lofty expectations - can Nomadland meet them?

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What happens in this episode?

Iain takes a visit to Christian R. Allan’s humble abode to discuss their thoughts on Nomadland. This year’s Best Picture Oscar winner has a lot going for it, an excellent performance from Frances McDormand, beautiful visuals and a moving score but will it linger on for our reviewers after watching it?  Iain and Christian unpack their constructive thoughts on the intimate drama.

Christian dives into the amazing work of the late Satoshi Kon as he picks Millenium Actress as his film recommendation for the episode from the animator’s exceptional body of work. The 2001 animated feature charts a film documentarian’s attempt to retell the extraordinary life of a reclusive actress in her twilight years. Christian shares his reasons why listeners should check it out. Not just content to talk about Millenium Actress, Iain and Christian also reflect on Kon’s work on Perfect Blue and Paprika as well.

Chapter Points

  • 02:35 – Catching up with Christian
  • 10:34 – Nomadland Initial Thoughts
  • 26:14 – Nomadland Spoiler Talk
  • 31:55 – Nomadland Final Thoughts and Score
  • 39:10 – Millennium Actress (Guest Recommendation)

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