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Bunkazilla UK has been running on Twitch and sharing videos on YouTube for over a year now. In addition, our podcast platform continues to release new content monthly. There is a lot of content that we produce but sometimes we’re not sure if the content we’re providing, despite our best intentions, is what audiences want or even enjoy. Without much feedback other than viewing numbers, downloads, etc, it is hard to determine what the best direction for our content is.

Further to that, while we have managed to build a nice passionate geeky community, is it a community people like being a part of? We have roughly nearly 200 members on The Stomping Grounds group but is the content and discussions taking place there again of any interest or relevance to our audiences.

To put it simply, we need to know what we are providing to you – our audience and community – is something you want.

And it is with this mindset, we are launching the 2021 Audience Survey here at Bunkazilla UK. We want to hear from the most important voices in the community, our audiences, to find out what content you find interesting, what content you’re not interested in, what you’d like to see on the channel and more.

Depending on your level of engagement with Bunkazilla, the survey will take about 10-15mins and features questions relating to the various platforms you can find Bunkazilla content. We have dedicated sections to our Twitch live streams, our YouTube channel and our podcast productions. In addition to this, there is also a small section regarding The Stomping Grounds Facebook group too.

There are a few optional demographic-based questions that you don’t have to answer but it helps gives Bunkazilla a clearer idea of who our current audience is right now. Importantly, you will not be asked for any personal information during the course of the survey and all feedback provided will be anonymous.

This is a great chance for our followers and our audiences to share their thoughts on what we provide right now on our geek culture focused channel. The feedback we receive will help contribute to our future plans with the channel.

The survey will be running from June 30th – July 13th. To take part, click the button below!

We look forward to reading your feedback.

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