Bunkazilla Graphic

What is Bunkazilla?

Bunkazilla is a brand new internet radio station with a UK Geek Culture focus.

What does Bunkazilla mean?

Bunka is the Japanese word for culture. Our name, Bunkazilla, celebrates our monstrous love for all things in the geek culture world.

What type of shows can I expect to hear on Bunkazilla?

Bunkazilla will offer an interesting mix of recorded shows ranging from shows focusing on movies, video games, television, books, comics, cosplay and more.

When does Bunkazilla broadcast?

Launching from Saturday 31st of March, Bunkazilla will broadcast online from:

Mon-Fri: 5pm to 11pm |  Saturday: 10am to 11pm | Sunday: 10am to 11pm

How can I listen to Bunkazilla?

Simple! Click the Listen Live button on the top menu above to enter our monstrous world!

If you can’t listen all the time at your computer, we have you covered. In June, we launched mobile apps for Android and Apple devices so you can listen to the station on the go! Just click the app you require from the top menu and away you go!

Please note, due to our current music licensing, the live broadcast stream of Bunkazilla is only available in the UK at this time. However, anyone can download the podcast versions of our shows where available. They’re the same shows – just minus the musical breaks.

What type of music can I expect to hear on Bunkazilla?

Various, we have DJs with different music tastes but thanks to being licensed by PPL and PRS, Bunkazilla will play a mix of the latest and recent releases across a variety of genres. Pop, Rock, Alternative – maybe some Jazz! We have eclectic tastes here.

This sounds great! Can I support the station?

Yes! Listen of course! But actually, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest articles and features regarding our collection of shows.

If you want to support the station, we will soon launch our own Patreon page. For a small amount of money per month, you can help contribute to support the running of Bunkazilla.

I’ve got a show idea for the station? Can I submit my show?

We’re always open to hearing ideas and submissions for new shows, we’re also open to hearing about current shows looking for a broadcast home.  Please contact us using the form on the Contact Us page and we’ll take a look.