Have an exciting convention event you wish to promote?

Want to offer our readers and listeners an excellent product or service?

Let Bunkazilla be your platform!

Boulton Media Limited, broadcast and website operators of Bunkazilla, can help you advertise and promote your geek culture related product, event or service to our audiences via the website or through our various podcasts. We can offer a number of various advertising avenues for your brand.

If you’re interested in one of our services, get in touch today by filling out our Advertising and Sponsorship Enquiry Form.

For more information on our available advertising options, read on!

Available Bunkazilla Advertising Options

Show Sponsorship

Get complete brand promotion

Sponsor one of our Bunkazilla Original Podcasts and have your brand promoted throughout every episode of the show by our podcast hosts.*

*Dependent on sponsorship option, get in touch for more information

Website Advertising

Be a presence on Bunkazilla's site

Place your ad across the entire Bunkazilla website from our home page to our news articles and reviews.

Alternatively, you can talk to us about doing a promotional article for the Bunkazilla Blog.

Social Media Promotion

Let us share your brand with our followers

We can shout the good word about your brand to our social media followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We offer a variety of periods we’ll do brand shout outs at flexible pricing.