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A film fanatic? A boardgames fan? Telly addict? We’ve likely got a show that’s perfect for you. Discover an exciting new point of view with a Bunkazilla Original Podcast or our archive of previous radio shows.

Bunkazilla Original Podcasts

Our original shows were made specifically for Bunkazilla by our talented content makers and available on all good Podcasting platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify and more!

The Big Stomp

Our monthly topical debate show covers the latest issues and stories happening across the world of pop and geek culture.

Episodes broadcast live on Twitch first every last Thursday of the month. An audio version is available shortly afterwards.

Film Roar

Iain Boulton and Christian R. Allan discuss the latest film news and review the latest cinematic releases.

Brand new episodes are released weekly on all good podcast platforms.

Reel History UK

Hugh K. David and Jenna Pateman see how real history is portrayed cinematically in this movie history-themed radio show.

Reel History UK is a co-production of 4DA Publishing and Bunkazilla

Hustlers of Culture

A vérité styled film and pop culture podcast hosted by Hugh David and Leslie Byron Pitt. Together, they are Hustlers of Culture!

Binges and Boxsets

Explore the essential television shows you must see and the shows to avoid with avid boxset viewers Hugh David and Anna Hussey.

Trivial Titans

Trivial questions on trivial subjects across the geek culture spectrum. Christian, Jason and Iain attempt to find the answers we never needed. Fun banter filled chats and silliness galore!

Season 3 coming soon but you can catch up on Seasons 1 & 2 right now on all good podcasting platforms.

Bunkazilla Originals Archive

Listen to some of the original shows that we previously aired on Bunkazilla’s internet radio station through Mixcloud

A Redhead's Ramblings

Our resident nerdy redhead shares her thoughts and views on a variety of subjects ranging across film, television, video games and beyond.

Passion Project

Passion Project

Nathan Blades interviews artists, writers and performers within the LGBTQ community about their creative work and their dream project.

90s Nostalgia

90s Nostalgia

Rewind the clock and revist the amazing musical world of the 1990s with this special run of shows. You might just discover a track you forgot existed.

The Hangover

Jason and Martin have geeky and nerdy chats while recovering from the night before. We have a feeling this won’t end well.

Lets listen to music

Let's Listen to Music with National Hamster

With a growing list of musical themed concerns, join National Hamster as he explores music relating to almost anything.

Roll on the Adventure

Welcome to the world of boardgame creation as host David Winterbottom and his team construct and test a variety of new games.

This Door is Locked

Charlotte Brown, along with some of her bravest friends, take a frightful look back at iconic horror video games.

Boardgames with Bez

Join Bez as she shares her insightful views, along with guests, from the world of boardgames and tabletop gaming.

Bunkazilla Recommends

We were lucky to broadcast these shows on our internet radio station. While we’re no longer on air, these shows are still worth listening to!

Bela Lugosi's Shed

Bela Lugoi's Shed

Richard deValmont and H.J. Doom cover horror themed films, books, games, music and any other medium designed to terrify and entertain.

Hardcore Genki Hour

PinkAppleJam and Raggedyman share thoughts on the latest geek culture themed medias from their Super Fortress.

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