Listening to A Redhead's Ramblings on Bunkazilla

A Redhead’s Ramblings has now finished on Bunkazilla UK. But Lizzie still takes part in shows such as The Big Stomp and Let’s Play A Game. Both shows stream regularly on our Twitch channel.

You can listen to previous episodes of A Redhead’s Ramblings below with the Mixcloud player.

What's the show about?

What is a Redhead’s Ramblings you ask? It’s our resident redhead, Lizzie Barnes, talking to you all about subjects of fandom cultures. We’ll cover anything and everything from video games, cosplay, movies, toy collecting and anything else that helps us fly our nerd flag. So join Lizzie as she talks to you about any and all aspects as an introduction to geek culture.

Come and let us dip our toes into the fandom pool to see how we like it.

A Redhead’s Ramblings ran from March 2018 to November 2019 on Bunkazilla

Previous episodes of A Redhead’s Ramblings

Season Three

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