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This show is currently finished on Bunkazilla UK. But keep your eyes out for National Hamster appearing in Bunkazilla content in the near future. Why not check out his previous episodes on the Bunkazilla Mixcloud widget at the bottom of the page?

What's the show about?

There’s a lot of music in the world. Some might say too much music. Not on this show though. We’re trying to get a grip on all this music. Make it manageable. How do we plan to do this?


Let’s Listen To Music is a weekly attempt to try and bring some order to a chaotic musical world. Every week we will deliver a different themed list (or two) of audio delights. Songs about the weather? We’ve got that!
An hour of songs about fish? We’ve got that too! No theme too outlandish, no link too tenuous – This show will bend your ears in ways you did not know were possible.

Do you want to talk genres? Okay then: Rock, Indie, Metal, Experimental, Pop, Dance, Industrial, Grind, Thrash, all of those genres again but with a post- prefix or a -core suffix. Pretty much everything with/without notes is on the table.

Still a bit confused? As shows air we’ll hook you up with some example playlists.

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