Welcome to the Bunkazilla show page! Your quick access to all the available shows that are broadcasting on the station.

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Bunkazilla Originals

Made by Bunkazilla, for Bunkazilla. These are the shows made exclusively for the station and you won’t hear them anywhere else.

The Big Stomp

90s Nostalgia

A Redhead’s Ramblings

Roll on The Adventure

Evening Roar

Bunkazilla Brunch

The Bunka Film Club

Passion Project

Boardgames with Bez

Let’s Listen To Music

Bunkazilla Rock Show

Our Friends Eclectic

OST Time

Bunkazilla Request Show

Syndicated Shows

As well as airing original content, Bunkazilla also plays hosts to a range of already established and terrific geek culture based shows. Here are the syndicated shows currently broadcasting on the station.

Binges and Boxsets

On The Way To….

Hustlers of Culture

Bela Lugosi’s Shed

The Hardcore Genki Hour