The Big Stomp

What’s the show about?

Today’s geek culture is an ever evolving, always moving world of wonder, joy and frequently confusion. Bunkazilla attempts to stomp and roar at the latest goings on in this world with its monthly topical discussion show The Big Stomp.

Hosted by Iain Boulton and featuring Bunkazilla presenters and contributors, each episode will look at various topics of discussion. The show had its first episode recorded at Hibanacon 2018 where the show talked about a possible new generation of conventions. From there on, each episode has usually involved some very monstrous discussions among our panelists.

Broadcast Times

Monday: 13:00

Tuesday: 19:00

Saturday: 20:00

Big Stomp is on a brief hiatus at the moment, music blocks will play until new 1 hour episodes premier. New episodes will premier on the Tuesday.

Listen to previous episodes of The Big Stomp

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