What’s the show about?

Christian R. Allan presents a show dedicated to the best music the world has to offer…

“As you’ve probably guessed from the show’s title, my tastes are somewhat eclectic when it comes to matters of era and style. In fact, I’ll pretty much play anything, so long as it’s good! From chart-topping classics you all adore to obscure, out-of-print gems you’ve yet to discover, my show will have it all. Whether you prefer 60s rock, noughties nu metal, Ibiza trance or golden-age hip hop, I’ve got you covered.

Baroque rock, chamber pop, grunge and gothic to big beat, house, glam, electronic.
Merseybeat, prog, funk, industrial. Folk, g-funk, soul and downtempo.
Grunge, glam, punk, symphonic metal. Thrash, soul, trip hop, even classical.*

So sit back, relax and finish that abandoned cup of tea—you know, the one getting cold by your kitchen side—as your intrepid, disc-jockeying host takes you on a boundless musical journey, a quest free from the artificial constructs of time and genre.

Welcome to Our Friends Eclectic.”

– Christian

*No country.

Broadcast Times

Sunday: 21:00 – 23:00