Hangover with Jason and Martin

Broadcast Times

Tuesday & Saturday: 21:00

The Hangover starts on Bunkazilla from 3rd September 2019. New episodes premier first on Saturday every week.

What's the show about?

The Hangover is exactly what you think it is.  Jason Freeman and Martin Cheese are 2 men try to remember the goings on the night before while trying to talk about video games, music and cinema.

Featuring exciting and innovative segments such as “That song sounds good” where the boys play a song that sounds good, plus  the terrifyingly bad “Hip-Hop-Horray!” in which a man who is struggling to not lose his lunch describes Hip-Hop music.

The Hangover is a mess, and each episode is worth tuning in to see if they make it to the end, let alone make some quality content in the process.

Who's the show for?

The Hangover is a must listen if you…

› Like some geek cultured comedy banter

› A nice mix of geek culture chatter and music

› Want something a bit cheeky and adult for your Saturday nights

Listen to previous episodes of The Hangover

Episodes will be made available on Mixcloud once they make their first broadcast on Bunkazilla. You can listen to all the episodes so far with our embedded Mixcloud player.