Trivial Titans

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Thursday: 19:00    Saturday: 14:00     Sunday: 21:00

A new episode is released weekly, the first play of new episodes will always happen on Thursdays. Season 2 begins 5th December 2019!

What's the show about?

Ever had a thought about a trivial question regarding film, TV, video games, anime or something else within the realms of geek and pop culture?

So have this trio!

Welcome to the world of Trivial Titans. Join Christian R. Allan, Jason Freeman and Iain Boulton as they attempt to answer the questions that never really needed answers in the first place.

Questions like “What ficitional products do you wish were real!?”, “What is the most annoying story narrative device?”, “What would be the best fictional holiday destination?” and many more.

Take this epic journey as these three heroes embark on an utterly pointless quest.

Who's the show for?

Trivial Titans is a must listen if you…

› Enjoy exploring trivial subjects about your favourite movies, tv and shows

› Hear about movies, TV shows, anime or video games you never knew existed!

› Enjoy some delightfully silly banter between friends

› Hearing comedic anecdotes from living the geek lifestyle

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Trivial Titans is Bunkazilla’s first multi-release show. That means from the moment the new episode premiers on Bunkazilla UK, it’s available on Mixcloud, the Trivial Titans podcast page and all other podcast providers. This allows listeners from all over the world to experience the world of Trivial Titans together! No more waiting for episodes to appear after broadcast!

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Ask The Titans
You can put your questions to Christian, Iain and Jason below. We'll be bringing in audience questions from Episode 5 onwards so get your thinking caps on and ask us your trivial questions for us to potentially answer on the show!
Let us know who you are - you don't have to put your real name, you can use a mysterious name like "Mr X."
Ask your geek / pop culture related questions to the Titans here. Keep your questions family friendly!