Who make up Bunkazilla UK? Good question!

Bunkazilla UK is comprised of talented and friendly monsters of culture. We come from different backgrounds, different geek cultural worlds and realms and beyond.

So we thought it’d be a good idea to introduce you to them to so we’ve complied this delightful gallery of faces! See who’s behind the main station operations, meet the hosts of our shows and the talented writers who provide wonderful articles too!

Give us a wave and say hello! We don’t bite. Honest.

Iain Boulton

Iain Boulton

Founder & Station Manager

This genre giant is the man responsible for Bunkazilla’s existence. When he’s not managing day to day Bunkazilla business, Iain hosts shows such as The Big Stomp, OST Time and Bunkazilla Brunch.

Interests: Movies, Wrestling, Terrible Straight to Video Movies, Video Games and Anime

Andrew Watton-Davies

Andrew Watton-Davies

Content Editor and Columnist

Also known as The Raggedyman, Andrew leads the writing side of the site by wrangling the writing team, doing news and reviews, and doing Trash or Treasure so you don’t have to. He also co-hosts The Hardcore Genki Hour, is a regular on The Big Stomp, and comes live & direct from conventions.

Interests: Cyberpunk, Cult Movies, Bargain Bins, Angry Music and Pickles

Hugh David

Hustlers of Culture / Binges & Boxsets

Hugh is a consultant at 4DA Consultancy specialising in Education, Media and Marketing. Teacher/Tutor in English & History. Writer/Podcaster on anime, genre film/TV, food, health. Former DVD/Film/TV marketeer; formerly editor at Cult TV Times.

Interests: Genre fictions across almost all media. OG Nerd.

Lizzie Barnes

Contributor and Streamer

Her hair is red, her eyes are green and she’d freckle if she ever went out in the sun. She also does weekly gaming streams on Bunkazilla’s Twitch channel and appears regularly in shows like The Big Stomp.

Interests: Bioware games, Star Trek, Computers, Comics, Dr Who, MLP, Pen & Paper RPGs, Video Games, Anime, Manga, Cosplay and Conventions

Jenna Pateman

Co-host of Reel History

As co-host of Reel History, Jenna has a major interest in History, which she is currently studying at the University of Gloucestershire. She has far too many books, a little bit of a Disney obsession, and is defiantly a Hufflepuff. Oh, and she is a Mum of one very silly little girl

Interests: Disney animation, History, Fan Fiction, Web Comics, Films, Conventions, Theme Parks, Crafting, Video Games, Pokémon


Anna Hussey

Anna Hussey

Co-Host of Binges & Boxsets

Rare hermit like creature that occasionally crawls out of her dragons den of books, board games and Blu rays to Co-Host Binges and Boxsets.

Interests: Fantasy/Horror/Sci-Fi genres, Board Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Anime, Acting

Laura Watton

Bunkazilla Writer

Laura (PinkAppleJam) draws comics, cute stuff and discusses exciting geeky comics, animation, TV shows and more on the Hardcore Genki hour with Andrew (Raggedyman). Laura has been published by NEO Magazine, Octopus Books, Corporation nightclub and more.

Interests: Illustration, animation, Japanese pop culture, comics, cats!

Chloe Kneebone

Chloé Kneebone

Host of 90s Nostalgia

Also known as “Leeloominaï”, Chloé has a healthy passion for the music from her formative years, which she shares and explores on her show, 90s Nostalgia.

Interests: Sewing and knitting smol things, 80s and 90s Cartoons, 90s Music, vintage toys, hamsters, writing, learning how to juggle nerdy hobbies and motherhood

Charlotte Brown

Host of This Door is Locked

Also known as The Cross Eyed Gamer, Charlotte spends most of her time submerged in the world of horror video games for This Door Is Locked. When she’s not gaming, she writes about horror on her blog, thecrosseyedwriter.co.uk

Interests: Horror Video Games, World Cinema and Mainstream Horror, Anime, Crime Dramas and Camping


Jason Freeman

Co-Host of Trivial Titans

Justice, Charisma, High Functioning Alcoholism, a burning hatred for Christian . These are the building blocks that make Bunkazilla’s top clown Jason Freeman, world record holder of the most bleeps on a Bunkazilla show. Screw Flanders Screw Flanders Screw Flanders

Interests: Interests; Justice, Manga, Tokusatsu, Video Games, Justice Drinking, Justice, movies, Justice

Ellie Zoe

Ellie Zoe

Content Producer

Cosplay over-enthusiast, photographer, and pro wrestling nut. Probably likes Danganronpa a little bit too much. Mostly produces written content for Bunkazilla. Also reasonably tall, if not quite on the same level as Iain. Ellie has written numerous articles and features for Bunkazilla.

Interests: Cosplay, video games, anime, pro wrestling, toys & collectibles

Bez Profile

Bez Shahriari

Host of Boardgames with Bez

Boardgame lover. Boardgame designer. Artist. Self-publisher. As a child, Bez fell in love with games, and their ability to let us explore new worlds with each other. Since then, she has been falling ever-deeper and hosts the insightful Boardgames with Bez on Bunkazilla.

Interests: Boardgames, flash games, LARP, old videogames (specially Snes)

Nathan Blades

Nathan Blades

Host of Passion Project

Androgynous android gameshow host from the future. Broadcast researcher by day, tabletop RPG games master by night. Cares way too much about music. You can catch Nathan hosting interview show Passion Project on Bunkazilla!

Interests: Cyberpunk, Urban Fantasy Fiction, Hip-Hop, Sienen Anime and Intersectional Artistry