Looking to join Bunkazilla as a fellow monster of culture? Well, this is where you can express your interest in getting involved with our content.

We are currently looking for contributors to get involved in the following areas:

Write for the Blog

The Bunkazilla Blog is a place for all our monsters of culture to share their thoughts and views. Whether it’s reviewing the latest movie blockbusters, recommending a new anime for people to try, or even sharing their adventures at the various cons across the UK. We’re always on the lookout for more contributors to the blog who have distinct, unique, voices or views on the ever-expanding world of geek culture.

We are actively recruiting for these roles on an on-going basis so if your eager to get involved, please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss how you can get involved. Please note that Blog Contributor roles are on an unpaid voluntary basis at this time – Bunkazilla is still in its infancy and we are currently looking at numerous ways to bring in revenue to help cover currently monthly operating costs. We hope to review this in the near future.

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