This is the place where our monstrous Patreon supporters come to stomp their names in the halls of Bunkazilla. All active Patrons can have their name listed here as a thank you for their ongoing support towards Bunkazilla.

If you like to appear here, all you have to do is join us on Patreon.

There are other ways to follow and help Bunkazilla too on our Support page.


For the first wave of Bunkazilla Patreon Supports

If you join Patreon on any tier between March 5th – April 5th 2021, you’ll be credited as the Founding Monsters right here on Bunkazilla.

This will remain in place forever, regardless of how long you support us, on the Halls of Monsters on the Bunkazilla website!

We won’t add any more names once this period passes so don’t delay if you want to be a part of Bunkazilla history.

This section will arrive in April on the website.


Lyoko is Great MangaGirl Redheads_Ramblings

Want to see your name here?

Sign up to our £10 Golden Monster tier on Patreon. You’ll get a shoutout on every Bunkazilla show throughout each month.


The Raggedyman Just_Mark

Want to see your name here?

Join the £6 Big Monster tier on our Patreon. You’ll get a monthly shout out during the Bunkazilla show of your choice.


Dekker Dane

Want to see your name here?

Join our £3 Little Monsters tier on our Patreon page.

Patreon Supporter Names are kept up for the duration of support. Names are added by the agreement of the supporter and they can be removed at any time as the supporter wishes.

Please contact us directly through our Patreon page regarding your listing on the Hall of Monsters.