The world of Bunkazilla goes online. We have various online events happening weekly. From live Lets Plays to Watchalongs to our original shows, there’s something for every monster of culture. 

Here’s what you can expect across Bunkazilla’s Twitch and Discord channels.

Twitch Streams

Join the monsters of culture for live streams, live shows and other unique content. Our programming highlights are below. Show broadcasting dates and times are subject to change.

Join the Bunkazilla team and friends as they play through the latest, greatest, strangest and engaging video games out there.

Live on Twitch weekly. Check the schedule for hosts and games!

The Big Stomp is our flagship talk show where Andrew Watton-Davies along with three guests stomp through the latest rumblings in the world of pop and geek culture.

Host Rules Edition: 2nd Wednesday of the month

Classic Big Stomp: Last Wednesday of the month

Film Roar digests the latest movie news and movie reviews with this weekly show on Twitch. YouTube Video and audio podcasts are made available a week after the broadcast. 

Every Tuesday – 20:00

You’ve read the reviews, now join him on his adventures on Twitch. The Raggedyman hosts special online watch parties* where he watches a unique piece of cinema and you all decide post watching if it’s Trash or Treasure.

Every Thursday – 20:00

* To join the watch party – an active Amazon Prime Video subscription is needed. Not available on Twitch mobile or TV app.

Discord Activities

Join our Discord Channel and take part in exciting fun group events!

Thursday 24th September
Thursday 24th September
Friday 25th September
Friday 25th September
Saturday 26th September
Saturday 26th September
Sunday 27th September
Sunday 27th September

Please note events and talent are subject to change. Keep an eye on social media feeds for any changes to the schedule.