Trash or Treasure

Like a personal guide through the more dusty shelves at the back of a video store, Bunkazilla regular The Raggedyman will use his experience of viewing the depths and breadths of bargain bin cinema to sieving through the old and the obscure. Be it a cult classic, underground favourite, or forgotten wonder, The Raggedyman will let you know if it’s a precious relic still able to grab the eye of the modern viewer or a bit of detritus that it needs to be dumped on the garbage heap of times gone by.

You can find the entire collection of Trash and Treasure articles here for your viewing pleasure. You can even see what The Raggedyman has lined up next for your reading pleasure. Or if there’s a title you want Raggedyman to review, send him a request!

The Trash or Treasure Collection

All of Raggedyman's Trash of Treasure adventures, together, in some sort of compliation of sorts.

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